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About Us

Master Stylist • Advanced Colorist • Chemical Specialist • Professional Makeup Artist • Global Education

Pure Haute > About us

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Pure Haute is the excellent choice!

“In Pure Haute, we trust!”

    Tracey Keever has worked in the salon industry for over 25 years. Through world class education she enjoys helping people look, feel, and be the best they can be. Being an “image maker” allows her to complete the “look” using her skills and experiences in hair dressing, as well as cosmetic artistry. Tracey’s facial waxing has led her to the nickname “Eyebrow Police”. Using her professional waxing techniques, eyebrow cosmetics, and “101” lesson, you too can have your perfect brow!

    Pure Haute is proud to say it is a full line of skin care and cosmetics which are anti-aging, paraben free, and affordable. This fall we are excited to announce the launch of our men’s line of skin care as well as an organic hair care line.

    Call & come in for a free consult!